Mayo Furniture

“Made in the USA” is very much a part of our mantra at Mayo. We take enormous pride in the fact that we make our product right here at home; Not only are our products American Made, but we support jobs and commerce at home by purchasing our materials here in America. Simply put, our mission is to keep the trust that was given in that initial handshake and make furniture that we would be proud to put in our own homes.

Chambered inner bags back cushions are filled with polyester fiber that is blown carefully into a dual-chambered bag to prevent fiber from settling.
Cushions are crafted with multiple layers of padding to ensure the most comfortable seating. We start with high-densityfoam and enclose it with softer foam and polyester fiber for additional comfort.
Rounded arm tops built from durable polyurethane are cut to retain perfect shape over time, and are reinforced for comfort the same way the seat cushions are – with added foam and fiber to ensure maximum luxury.
Seating systems are supported by 8 guage sinuous spring set apart at an ideal spacing to ensure a relaxing and enjoyable seating experience. Springs are tied togetherto maintain equal and even support throughout the seat.
Frames are built using the time-tested mortise-and -tenon joining system and reinforced using hardwood and interior stretcher systems for a sturdy, long-lasting foundation.

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