Golden Technology Scooters

Golden Technologies Scooters is fully capable of suiting the needs of anyone for whom movability has become restricted or obsolete. With a good range of portability and choices, anyone in need can find what they are looking for in Golden Technologies. We want to be your scooter store. We have three wheel scooters and four wheel scooters. So if you are looking for an electric scooter to be used as a handicap scooter or disability scooter you came to the right place.

We believe Golden Technology builds the best scooters on the market. Our mobility scooters are available in many sizes with many different options. These are portable scooters that are easy to take with you.

Options Offered by Golden Technologies Scooters

Offering four lines of scooters, we take away the anxiety of having to find the scooter right for you. Dependable, stable, comfortable and efficient, Golden Technologies stands behind each of its scooters, providing quality that is superior to all the rest.

If you’re searching for a compact, durable Golden Technologies scooter, the Golden Buzzaround Series might be right for you. With an easy outdoor performance and easy indoor movability, it is ideal for anyone in need of a lighter weight version of scooter. The Buzzaround has a 350-pound capacity and large, comfortable seat, and a convenient charging port along the bottom control panel.

This model comes in three-wheel or four-wheel, and offers different colors from which to choose. It is easily disassembled through wireless technology.

The Golden LiteRider Series is a portable full-sized scooter. It comes with a tiller, for easy travel, and stadium-sized seat, great for comfort and the feeling of safeness. Available in lite or four-wheels, the LiteRider holds a weight of up to 300 pounds. This model can also be disassembled, wirelessly, to avoid hassle.

Luxury Scooters from Golden Technologies for Sale

Golden Technologies also offers a series of luxury models. The first in the series is the Companion Three-Wheel Midsize. Whether going shopping with the family, or out to dinner with friends, this model offers great performance and easy maneuverability anywhere. This model can hold up to 300 pounds and has a wrap-around tiller, for steering made easier.

The Companion Three-Wheel Full Size Scooter is larger, lending to more legroom. An LED headlight and lit-up control panel gives it a sleeker feel. This portable scooter has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and a maximum speed of 4.5 mph. Similarly, the Companion Four-Wheel has the same great features with two strong 10-inch tires in the front.

Golden Technologies’ heavy-duty class of scooters is ideal for spending a good amount of time outdoors. There are two options in this series from which to choose.

The Golden Patriot has a higher level of performance than the other classes. This model has a 400-pound weight limit, a top speed of 8 mph, a full lighting package, and four-wheel full suspension.

The other model in the heavy-duty class is the Avenger. Ideal for challenging terrains, it provides a smooth ride over any type of ground. With a roomy captain’s chair, a 500-pound weight limit, and a whopping 18 miles battery package, the Avenger is perfect for the adventurous type of customer.

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